Meet the Team


Adelle Bailey


Senior Stylist Grooming Salon & Administration

After working as a Registered Nurse for many years and having had her first child Adelle decided it was time for a change of direction. The role of Dog Groomer was the natural progression for her within the company and with an eye for symmetry and an attention to detail Adelle excelled. From a young age Adelle had a love for dogs and hairdressing; put them together and what do you get? Dog Grooming!  She brings a wealth of knowledge from her previous career in healthcare and has a keen interest in animal nutrition and wellbeing. Adelle is a current member of the National Dog Groomers Association of New Zealand.

When Adelle is not busy making the dogs look beautiful in the Grooming Salon you will find her caring for their 3 young children, emailing clients, doing a little CrossFit or out walking the dogs.


Aron Bailey


Canine Behaviour Specialist

Aron has a natural ability to see the world through dogs eyes and is then able to translate this into a way humans understand; helping humans understand dog language. 

Aron has worked with a vast range of canine throughout his lifetime and has always had a dog in his life! He took up Dog Grooming after getting a Maltese puppy, and fell in love with the grooming process and the appreciation he felt from this. Friends and family quickly saw Arons natural flair for grooming and started asking him to groom their dogs.. the rest is history. When his wife Adelle took up some of the responsibility of grooming Aron was then able to branch out into the Doggy Daycare side where he was able to utilise his knowledge of canine behaviour. 

Aron has groomed and showed the National Champion Bedlingtion Terrier, trained and owned German Shepherds in the the UK Police breeding program,  and helped a great number of pet owners with training issues.

When Aron is not working with the dogs he usually doing anything and everything to do with football.  He enjoys DIY and loves spending time with his wife Adelle and their 3 young children.


Simone Booth

Grooming Salon Assistant

Originally from the U.K. Simone has lived on the Kapiti Coast her entire adult life. Simone has previously worked in the Hair & Beauty industry and after having her daughter moved into the care sector as a Support Worker and Team Leader. At home Simone has has two beautiful pooches of her own; a Rottweiler and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

Simone is passionate about dogs and found her love for dog grooming by grooming her own dogs at home. 


In her spare time Simone enjoys spending time with her family, walking her dogs at the beach, fishing and arts & crafts.