Professional Dog Grooming
for all breeds and sizes

Groomingtails believes in humanity before vanity and refuses to put any animal through a bad experience!

Professional grooming on a regular basis not only ensures your pooch looks their very best

It is also essential for your furry friends health and well-being too! 

Full Groom Includes
  • A soothing warm bath with an all natural, deep cleansing conditioning shampoo specific to your dogs coat & colour

  • Well-being check 

  • A fresh towel dry rub down (their favourite part)

  • Warm blow dry

  • Brushed, clipped & hand scissored to the style of your choice

  • Nails trimmed

  • Fur between your dog's pads trimmed & tidied

  • Finished with a light spritz of all natural fresh doggy cologne


From $85

Additional Services
as required
  • Ear Cleansing with Epi-Otic 

  • Anal Gland Expression

  • Matt removal

  • Flea & Shampoo Treatments

  • De-Shedding Treatment

From $10 as required

*Please advise prior to your appointment  if you do not wish for your dog to have their Glands expressed otherwise this will be done if deemed required.

All additional services will be provided at the groomers discretion.

  • Bath & Blow Dry only

From $70

Hand Stripping Services

​Hand stripping is the recommended grooming procedure for wire-coated breeds. It involved pulling out the outer coat to stimulate the hair follicles to produce new growth while maintaining the natural texture, colour & properties.

Handstripping can be done regularly, removing the longer hairs in the 'resting' or 'fall out' phase or all at once if the coat is fully blown. Some dogs coats will grow more rapidly than others and need stripping every 4-6 weeks, some up to 8 weeks between light stripping. While others require a full strip once or twice a year when the coat is fully blown. Handstripping is not painful for the dog when done correctly. When the hair is ready it is only lightly anchored in the follicle and therefore tugs out easily. 

From $90 per hour

Before stripping Fully Blown coat 


During procedure


After Full stripping 


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