Grooming Salon Terms & Conditions

CANCELLATIONS A cancellation fee of $35 may be charged at our discretion for ‘no shows’ and cancellations with less than 24 hrs notice, including V.I.P’s. We reserve the right to request this be paid before another appointment will be made.


PUNCTUALITY  If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment we may need to reschedule and this may incur a cancellation fee. Please collect your dog within our specified collection times, unless otherwise arranged as we may add daycare charges.


PAYMENTS Payment is to be made on collection of your dog, by cash or EFTPOS unless you have made prior arrangements with us. Please ensure you have sufficient funds at this time as administration fees will be incurred on invoices. Sorry NO CREDIT CARDS OR CHEQUES ACCEPTED.


TOILETING Owners are requested not to feed their dog in the 2 hours prior to a grooming appointment. A dog with a full stomach or full bowels/bladder may find the grooming process uncomfortable. Please ensure your dog has been given ample opportunity to relieve themselves prior to your appointment. We may charge for the additional time and cleaning materials required in cleaning up after your dog.


DE-MATTING If a dogs coat is matted then skin irritations, infections or abrasions may be uncovered beneath the matted hair. This can be caused by the prolonged pulling of the skin by the matted hair and/or the moisture and bacteria trapped in the matted coat. GroomingTails cannot be held responsible for what may be uncovered on a matted dog. Our normal grooming prices do not include de-matting. If this is required an extra $10 will be charged for every 10 minutes required. Please note: We believe in humanity before vanity; dogs too severely matted will need to be shaved.


VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS We require your dog to be up to date with their vaccinations having immunity against the 3 ‘core’ viruses: Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper Virus, and Canine Adenovirus (Hepatitis) and also Kennel Cough.

It is important to ensure your dog meets our vaccination requirements as we may refuse to accept them onto the premises if they do not comply.  Not only do we have the health of your dog in mind but we must also ensure we are not putting any other dogs health at risk. Please feel free to discuss any queries you may have regarding our vaccination requirements with us. 


FLEAS If your dog arrives with a flea infestation we will treat them with an all natural Flea Shampoo Treatment. This will incur an additional charge to cover the costs of the products used and the clean up. We then highly recommend purchasing a topical flea preventative treatment and taking the necessary measures to eradicate any fleas in the home environment.